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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Dec 17, 2020

Sam Morris is my guest this week. Sam was born and raised in Vermont where he was a competitive tennis player, golfer and skier. He studied Sports Management and played #1 on the tennis team. A move to Miami, FL prompted a career change and he began a 10 year stint in the field of commercial real estate. Upon moving to San Francisco in 2013, Sam decided to follow a long-time passion of his and become a personal trainer. 

In 2017 he decided to expand his wellness practice to increase his impact. Sam is now a speaker, thought leader, and an author. In 2018 he founded ‘The Unbreakable Human Collective’ where his mission is to help 1 billion humans slay their dragons, raise their vibration, and save themselves. In addition to that Sam serves as a Managing Director and the Chief Culture Officer for Five To Flow, LLC; a global collective that builds integrative organizational wellness solutions designed to achieve and sustain peak performance.