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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Apr 15, 2021

Aisling Jackson is a female empowerment coach who shares heart and womb-based offerings for women, mamas and girls. She loves to hold sacred space for women to connect, feel and heal. She is passionate about holistic womb health and reclaiming menstrual cycles as a source of female empowerment. Coming from a background in primary teaching and seeing the gaps in education around emotional wellbeing and fostering awareness and reverence for our cycles,   she forged her own path in holistic wellbeing for women and girls.

Her signature course In Her Flow gathers women from around the world and guides them to honour, adore and celebrate their cycles and wombs. She also teaches holistic menstrual education and empowerment to teens at school. Aisling holds women's circles, cacao ceremonies, 1:1 sessions and workshops in Gisborne, New Zealand and also online.