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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Dec 15, 2022

Miguel Candelas is a life coach in transformation, and also an anthropologist.

Since very young, Miguel was passionate to understand how belief systems are created, inherited and how they shape a human life and build an identity. His curiosity led him to study communication, anthropology and languages.

When he was 23, a major event happened in his life: his father suddenly died of a heart attack. They had not in touch for three years, and when Miguel finally decided to contact him, he suddenly died just one day before they were supposed to meet! He never saw him… Suddenly he lost all meaning in his life. He packed a bag, and went to India, thinking that the meaning of life was somewhere there waiting for him.

Instead he unexpectantly started a 2 year journey in search of the meaning of life. He spent time with Buddhist monks in India and Burma, he lived with shamans in Bolivia & Peru. He found healers in Madagascar, Brazil, Indonesia and he lived with very interesting communities all over the world. He travelled around the world non-stop for two and a half years.  

Now his mission is to empower you, so you can live your life to the fullest potential. He was in search of the meaning of life without being aware that actually, it was attainable, right inside of him, deep within. Today, he supports people in creating their best life, because the world needs people at their highest self, people that step into their power and their gift.