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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Jan 26, 2023

Cindy James helps deeply caring people get unshakeable confidence in themselves so that they can attract and master gobs of money and oodles of power without compromise, and with the full support of the divine forces of creation. A former top corporate litigation attorney, she is now a practitioner of “universal law,” she likes to say, rather than man-made law.

Cindy is a Planetary Force for Truth. Her mission is to merge the heart of humanity with the soul of money to create a better world for all. A vibrational Energy Amplifier, an Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner, a certified Holy Fire Reiki III Master, a master-level Sound and Vibrational Healing Practitioner, a Noble of the Light of the Institute for Mental physics and an Ordained Minister. In addition, she is a Spiritual Advisor, a Stand-up Healer, an Inspirational Speaker, an Author, a Teacher of self-transformation, lasting happiness and vibrational health, a certified Life Coach, and a Holistic Health Coach, certified by Columbia University’s Teachers College.

Cindy serves global freedom, prosperity, joy, and all the good things we long for via The Prosper Plus App, The Galactic Council of Women, all genders welcome the Prosper Plus YouTube channel, and the Prosper Plus podcast.