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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

May 25, 2023

Olivia Hardt Griffith is a shaman. Becoming a shaman is not a decision that one makes for themselves, it is a soul calling. Olivia answered this call over a decade ago, embarking on a journey that has led her to become a fully trained and initiated shaman.

In 2016, she completed her rigorous training and initiation, and since then has continued to deepen her knowledge and expertise through advanced and master level shamanic training.

For the past eight years, Olivia has been seeing clients on a daily basis, helping them to heal from physical, mental, and emotional issues. In addition, she has been training and initiating others on the shamanic path for the past four years. Olivia is passionate about helping people connect with their inner wisdom and spiritual guidance, and is dedicated to empowering her clients to live their best lives.