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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

Poppy Delbridge joins me this week for a chat. Poppy is a sought-after Life and Business coach for proactive women who want to soulfully and successfully raise their game from the inside out. She is also a creative businesswoman, actively running multiple companies, and has over 15 years experience at the forefront of the Television Industry. She took the leap and left a Board-level role within Warner Brothers to scale up her coaching business, create the SLAY brand and set up her own collaborative TV Formats company, ‘The Empress Way’.

Her coaching and female empowerment passion is built upon her creative career background and her lifelong passion for New Thought, namely manifestation and mindset re-wiring. She’s obsessed with guiding women to unlock their highest potential and their most aligned lifestyle.

Poppy is the Founder and curator of the SLAY female empowerment brand: created to recalibrate and inspire working women through luxury holistic events and retreats.

Poppy’s network revolves around London and LA. Her work spans major brands such as: BBC, MTV, The Royal Television Society, ITV, MIP Com, Channel 4, Netflix, Facebook and E4. She has been featured in Glamour magazine as one of the ‘Most Powerful Women in TV’ and also as a Life + Business Coach to successful women.