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Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Jul 9, 2020

David Toney is my guest this week. In this brilliant episode, David talks about moving from dysfunctional breathing to functional breathing and the multitude of benefits to be gained as a result.

David has over 35 years' experience in coaching and mentoring adults and children, promoting health & well-being. Along the way he has developed from his main speciality of Martial Arts to focus in on the softer Arts. His greatest challenge now is to help people understand the simplicity of honing such a vital basic human function as breathing, in order to improve our all-round standard of living.

These proven techniques and systems have supported his  personal transformation in his personal life, athletic career, and business as well as his coaching clients. He teaches that breath is the most important asset we have and most do not understand its use. He gives his students the keys to good physical and emotional health. 

David has kindly offered a 10% discount off courses for listeners who may wish to try them for themselves. Use the code: soulpowerlight on checkout.

Functional Breathing Course for Heath & Wellbeing 

Drug Free Asthma Reduction Course